Health, Wellness and Prevention

Health and wellness are critical to primary prevention of disease and a wide variety of health conditions. Now is a perfect time of year to focus on a new you!


Health, wellness and prevention services are vital elements that your physical therapist can provide for you..

The American Physical Therapy Association suggests a comprehensive wellness check up yearly. The Annual Physical Therapy Check-up includes a Personal health profile, Disease risk profile, Physical examination, and Physical functional performance examination. Other special tests may be administered depending on your Personal health profile. Specialized and individualized recommendations are made to you to improve your areas of need. For example, balance

AHNew Physical Therapy provides health and wellness through a comprehensive examination. We provide individualized program to enhance your quality of life by providing strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and functional training especially to our aging and at risk populations. By initiating a health and wellness program, you can prevent and defer many of the complications of disease.

We perform examinations, evaluative assessments, critical thinking, movement analyses, and guided our patients/clients in formation of an individual plan of care that leads to improved functional quality of life.

In addition American Physical Therapy Association has had a few position statements (from 2006-present) that encourage patient/client health, wellness and fitness and management of disease. Health management of patients with disease are also encouraged. Additionally, physical therapists own health and wellness and fitness are advocated as we are examples to the population at large.

More recently (2017) the role of the physical therapists in diet and nutrition was included as a part of health and wellness, primary, secondary and tertiary care and within our scope of practice. Referral to other healthcare professionals is encouraged when special problems are identified.

Here’s wishing you a new you! A happy life is a healthy and active life!

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Take A Hike

Sunday Funday!

Let’s talk more about the five (5) activities that you can do when you don’t have dizziness or neck or backaches. One activity to help you through the holidays and so you can stay healthy and active is hiking!

Hiking can be a great way to get back to nature, a great time to be with family and friends, or just to think and reflect.

Hiking at Government Canyon’s Savannah Loop is the easiest one to start (2.12 miles); for more advanced hiking try Lytle’s Loop (4.74 miles). For longer day walks, the front country is open and you can walk to see the Dinosaur Tracks (about 5 miles one-way). Wear good shoes and bring lots of water. Pets are allowed in the Backcountry, and not in the Front country.

Government Canyon State Natural Area trails are open Friday through Monday; Closed Tuesday through Thursday (off Galm Road and FM 1560). I suggest you turn right at the ranger station and park near the back far parking lot.

Some other great places to hike are Eisenhower park (off 1604; pets are allowed) or Frederick park (off I-10; no pets allowed). Both places have hiking trails that are paved and rugged trails.