As summer hits an all time high temperature, we need to be safe in many ways.

Here are some tips to keep us all going through our summer months:

1) Find an indoor activity (see our class schedule below). If you find an activity you enjoy – you will be more likely to engage and participate. Everyone has their own preferences – some clubs offer various activities as does Silver Sneakers and the senior center.

Workout and do outdoor activities when the temperatures are coolest – early morning or later in the day just before the sun sets are best.

2) Wear clothing that is cool and lightweight. Lightweight clothing that is SPF-protected helps prevent sunburns when outdoor gardening, along with applying sunscreen every two (2) hours. wearing a wide-brim hat is also beneficial to keep the sun off your face. Cooling towels are now available or you can make your own by placing a wet towel in your freezer and then around your neck region where large blood vessels are located to your brain.

3) Drink plenty of fluids – not only water but also electrolytes. Eating fruits and veggies counts as they contain water. Limit your coffee and caffeine intake e.g. tea, as both are diuretics that result in loss of water. Make sure to drink before, during and after all activities.

4) Eat a snack about 30 minutes prior to your workout to avoid a drop in your Glucose levels and prepare you for your workout. Don’t overheat as your body increases its temperature to digest food.

5) Perform an easy stretch after your workout or activities when you are warmed up. Your muscles are more flexible after activity secondary to blood flow. To prevent injuries, take about 5 minutes to stretch major muscles of your arms and legs (gently) with a 20-30 second hold. Here is a great video by Silver Sneakers – “Stretches You Should Do After a Walk” (<<Click here)

Best health always,