Falls are devastating especially if you have an injury or accident that requires hospitalization.

Is a misstep, trip or slip a fall? In reality no. However many times a misstep or trip or slip leads to a fall and injury.
The formal definition of a fall is when you contact the floor or a lower surface such as a bed, chair or other object.
A recovery step is the last line of defense before a fall. As we age our reaction times increase. It takes us longer to take a recovery step. And being vigilant is one part of our ability to react quickly.
Another aspect of quick reaction times is having our muscles ready for action. We have all fallen as children. We were limber and agile. How do we keep our agility as we age? To move everyday and often throughout the day. Sitting is our enemy. And prevention is the key.
Oftentimes we admit we had a near fall, however when we have a misstep, trip or slip that can lead to a fall and worse, an injury. After an injury it’s more difficult to recover.
The downward spiral begins:
Fear of falling, we stop moving, we have increased muscle weakness – strength, endurance and power, and loss of balance ensues, with more falls.
My mother had several falls in her late 80’s. After her fourth fall, and fracture of her left hip (upper femur) she was hospitalized. The orthopedic physician repaired her leg, however she became so weak she could not longer walk. She needed physical therapy. She had recovered before, however this time she had lost so much strength that she was unable to participate fully.
The bottom line is: Prevention is key. Stay strong and flexible. Work on your balance daily. Join us for our Balance in Action classes Monday and Fridays at 1:00 CT. We would love to see you there.
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