How to live to be 100 – and stay in Balance!

As I was out running the other day I began to think of my personal goal to live to be 103. When I mention this to people, some cringe, some smile, and others tell me all about the people that they know who have lived a long healthy life. Of course most who want to live to be 100 want to be independent and free of disability. The key is to start early – most likely when we are children.

Here are some take aways for you:

  1. Have a purpose:  know why you you wake up in the morning
  2. Take a breaK: once weekly, take some time for yourself. Get away from everything for 24 hours every week (e.g. take a nature walk, pray, read)
  3. Stay active: especially in the morning by engaging in physical activity that is integrated into your day (regular low intensity activity allows you to life longer with vigor)
  4. Eat wisely: Eating more veggies has been associated with men and women who live longer lives (e.g. Omega 3, plant-based diet, wine with polyethanols [antioxidants], low caloric intake)
  5. Engage with a positive attitude: Join a Community with people who you can support and be supported.