Happy February everybody! Your heart may be the most important organ of your body!

Why you ask?

Your heart pumps blood and oxygen to all other organs of your body and your brain. Your heart is your vital organ for staying alive as without a heartbeat he will not be able to survive in this real world.

So take good care of your heart!

Here are some tips for you and your heart health:

Aerobic activity most days of the week.

No the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Men and women differ in this area.

Include breathing into your daily routine as slow deep Bress can fill your lungs with essential oxygen that then through our blood vessels flows to our essential organs and muscles.

Take time to warm up before exercise or activities. This warm-up activity allows blood flow to your muscles and makes it less likely for you to be injured.

Reach out and hug someone today! Your heart is essence of your being and can sustain and for fill your life for many years to come.