Virtual 3rd year celebration

Join us for a virtual 3rd year (not 4th) celebration of opening in Old Town Helotes. Zoom meeting is on Monday September 21 at ~1:45 pm immediately following Balance in Action. We will have a fun slide show and quiz time. See you there! Best Health Always, Ann

Join Zoom Ann-iversary at 1:45 pm Monday September 21st, 2020.

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It’s Fall Prevention Month

Falls are devastating especially if you have an injury or accident that requires hospitalization.

Is a misstep, trip or slip a fall? In reality no. However many times a misstep or trip or slip leads to a fall and injury.
The formal definition of a fall is when you contact the floor or a lower surface such as a bed, chair or other object.
A recovery step is the last line of defense before a fall. As we age our reaction times increase. It takes us longer to take a recovery step. And being vigilant is one part of our ability to react quickly.
Another aspect of quick reaction times is having our muscles ready for action. We have all fallen as children. We were limber and agile. How do we keep our agility as we age? To move everyday and often throughout the day. Sitting is our enemy. And prevention is the key.
Oftentimes we admit we had a near fall, however when we have a misstep, trip or slip that can lead to a fall and worse, an injury. After an injury it’s more difficult to recover.
The downward spiral begins:
Fear of falling, we stop moving, we have increased muscle weakness – strength, endurance and power, and loss of balance ensues, with more falls.
My mother had several falls in her late 80’s. After her fourth fall, and fracture of her left hip (upper femur) she was hospitalized. The orthopedic physician repaired her leg, however she became so weak she could not longer walk. She needed physical therapy. She had recovered before, however this time she had lost so much strength that she was unable to participate fully.
The bottom line is: Prevention is key. Stay strong and flexible. Work on your balance daily. Join us for our Balance in Action classes Monday and Fridays at 1:00 CT. We would love to see you there.
Best health always,

*Balance in Action – Mondays/Fridays at 1:00 pm

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May-June 2020 Schedule of Classes

*Mondays 1:00 pm: Balance in Action with Ann*

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**Tuesdays 5:00 pm: Yoga with Kristen**

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*Fridays 1:00 pm: Balance in Action with Ann*

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**$40 unlimited classes of Yoga/Pilates in June

February is Heart Month.

Your heart is a muscle. Exercise it! Start moving in the roaring 2020’s!

Aerobics or endurance-based activities are integral to your heart health and mental well-being.

Dancing, walking, jogging, tennis, cycling, swimming, and hiking are all aerobic activities that can improve your endurance and energy level ~ find one that is “fun” for you.

Aerobics have also been shown to help with sleep patterns if done earlier in the day. Here are some tips:

  1. Start at your level of ability. You should be able to walk and talk at the same time.

  2. Breathing is important. If you experience shortness of breath ~ slow down a bit. Try pursed lip breathing. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  3. Aerobic activity can be done in a few small bouts of 5-10 minutes throughout your day with a goal of 30 minutes.
  4. You may want to set a realistic goal and gradually increase your activity toward your goal.
  5. Your body responds best to changes in exercise intensity and type (e.g. cross training). Try alternating slow and faster bouts of activity.
  6. Perform 5 days of aerobic activity per week for heart health and overall lifestyle program.
  7. Just do it! Be consistent in 2020!

Contact us today to join our 21-Day Challenge or for a Discovery Visit for a “tune up” in the roaring 2020’s.

We continue to offer you monthly Otago Fall Prevention workshops, weekly Balance, Yoga and Pilates classes.

Call for more information – your heart will love you!

Ann H. Newstead, PT, DPT, PhD

14418 Old Bandera Rd. Helotes, TX 78023


Dr. Newstead is a Geriatric, Neurologic and Vestibular clinical specialist. Her clinic is located in Old Town Helotes, one block from Flores Country Store. She accepts Medicare and Advantage Plans. Call today.


It’s a New Year! No pain, no gain?

It’s a New Year and it’s time to get moving!

Don’t wait until your pain or dizziness is out of control.

We can think of 1 million excuses not to move or exercise.

But what about starting today to get your life back so you can do your favorite activities with family and friends?

Make a resolution to begin today to move and keep moving throughout your lifetime!

There are many myths and misconceptions about your body and “no pain no gain” is one MAJOR misconception!

Here are some tips for the New Year:

  1. Begin your exercise or physical activity program gradually.
  2. Increase your activities over the next few weeks no more than 10% per week. Resistance training should follow the principle of “overload” however too much load can lead to injury. Go Slowly.
  3. You may be a little sore after resistance training, however that soreness should disappear in a day or two. Use ice and heat alternating to reduce your muscle pain. Blood flow to the muscle can help reduce delayed onset of muscle pain and prevent lactic acid build up.
  4. Keep moving. Gentle flexibility exercises will help increase your muscle length. A flexible yet strong muscle is your aim.
  5. Find a buddy to work out with. However, a kind reminder: move at your own pace not theirs. If you don’t think you can do an activity start at an easier level. You will be more likely to want to keep moving.
  6. Remember “Rome was not built in a day”. Increasing your program too quickly can cause pain and injury to a joint or muscle.

If you have questions of how to begin a lifelong program to reduce your pain and/or dizziness and would like a Discovery Visit consultation with Dr. Ann Newstead PT, DPT, PhD please call today (210)-833-8336. Certified Clinical Expert in Aging Adults, Geriatric & Neurological Clinical Specialist, Vestibular Specialist.

Join us for our next complimentary Coffee and Tea with Ann: “AHNew Year: Get Back In Balance” on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 10:00 am – 11:00 am at 14418 Old Bandera Rd., Helotes, TX 78023. See you there!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! The New Year “2020” is almost here.

Do you need a tune up? It’s not too late for AHNew start today.

Schedule a One on One Discovery Visit with Ann.

Why do we wait until the New Year to begin a physical activity program?

What if we prioritize our health and wellness as we do when we brush our teeth daily? Or as if we take a bath or shower daily? Or as if we eat three meals a day?

When our health and wellness is a priority, then we can engage in physical activity with less pain and dizziness.

Physical activity includes: our heart health, muscle and bone health.

But why do we neglect our bodies? We only have one body. Here are a few tips to integrate physical activity into your daily routine during the holiday and after:

  1. Walk daily. Park a little further away from the store. Find a walking buddy to keep you accountable. Walk a mall. Walk around the perimetry of the local stores and then do your shopping. 
  2. Perform sit to stands while watching the “news” or during commercials. A great way to strengthen  your hip and knee muscles.
  3. Practice balance daily while standing near a countertop (hold for safety) in your kitchen baking or while preparing for the day in your bathroom.

AHNew Physical Therapy is NOW offering a 21-day challenge! Move everyday for 21-days out of 30 days in the month of January 2020, and receive a special prize.

Text 210-833-8336 or call and leave a message to Ann with your name and your best phone number and text or say:
“I’m in”.