Wishing you Functional Independence this month and always

Did you know that falls are responsible for 90% of Injury-Related ED and Hospital Visits Among adults age 65+?

The number of falls could be reduced significantly if we all participated in a more concerted approach toward falls prevention interventions, including referral to physical therapy.

Adjusting or eliminating certain prescribed medicines is highly recommended, e.g. opoids, where an overdose can lead to a fall or worse.

Most important is prevention of falls and to minimize injuries and return people to an independent functional quality of life after a fall.

Falls and injuries are not an inevitable part of aging.

A good start is to engage in specific exercises to improve strength, balance and functional independence and mobility under the supervision of an expert.

Regular eye exams and speaking with a health care provider about reducing medications that can increase the risk for injury are also recommended.

Health care providers can help prevent injuries by recommending that people participate in effective interventions, including referrals to physical therapy and avoiding certain medications that have side effects of dizziness or lightheadedness.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. Stay active – daily walking and activity – ask a friend to join you to keep you accountable
  2. Wear proper fitting shoes – avoid flip flops
  3. Practice safety around your home and do a safety check daily – look out for throw rugs, uneven surfaces, or unstable handrails. Install grab bars in your bathroom.
  4. Be vigilant – scan your environment to avoid obstacles
  5. Be proactive – schedule a regular check-up yearly with your physical therapist

If you have questions, contact Ann H. Newstead, PT, DPT, PhD for more information about how to prevent a fall.

Exercise Expert in Aging Adults

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Healing our Earth and our Bodies

What we eat and drink can increase the inflammation in our bodies and result in pain and disease – heal your body
  1. Move more: 30 minutes of moderate exercise five days a week can reduce your inflammation levels by ~12%.
  2. Eat anti-inflammatory foods: diets with veggies reduce inflammation
  3. Take time to unwind: laughing can reduce the stiffness, taking regular breaks from your smartphone and engaging in yoga can reduce stress
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March is National Nutrition Month – time for a tune up.

We regularly take care of your car with proper maintenance. How about the same for your body with good, proper nutrition?
Whatever the season we tuneup our cars, change the oil, rotate the tires, and fuel our cars with gas.
Proper nutrition is necessary for our body to stay healthy and vibrant.
Fuel your body. Start your engines daily with a nutritious breakfast.
Tune up? Get your muscles stronger and more flexible. Manage your pain. Improve your balance. Reduce your dizziness. Get back to moving and doing more activities in your home and outdoors.
Do you need a jumpstart? Or are you just going to run out of gas?
Give Ann a call today for a complementary discovery consultation visit. 210-833-8336
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Jump start your new year with a 21-day challenge

It’s a new year!

Thank you for your dedication to your health and wellness. You are all amazing. Your body is amazing too. You have the capacity to improve and work toward your new years goals with just a few minutes a day of activity to improve your physical and mental well-being.
Take a moment to write down your top three (3) goals for 2021. Once you have these goals in mind – or written down – plan to follow through using your calendar. Set small steps toward specific measurable goals that will work into your daily schedule. Make a note of each activity you perform on your calendar or in a journal – whichever works best for you.

The 21-day challenge is now on.

When you complete 30 minutes cumulative of activity on 21 of the next 30 days, you will “win” a bag of fresh coffee grounds from a local coffee maker. At the end of the month, send me a copy of your activity. Think of this as an opportunity of adding to your body’s bank account!
Daily activity has positive effects not only on your physical but also your mental-health and wellness. Physical Activity: Builds muscle. Lowers Blood pressure. Releases endorphins for improved mental health. Reduces the risk for chronic diseases.

Do you need support?

I will support you by texting or emailing you a positive message each day between now and January 30th.
We are offering 50% off class fees in January to help jump start your year!
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Stay well, stay active in 2021.
Best health always,