Classes for your holiday enjoyment

A message from Ann: The holidays are here and we are wishing you a safe and happy holiday season. We appreciate each of you for your support and ongoing dedication to your own health and wellness. Your health and wellness are important to us and so we have offered physical therapy and also class sessions throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Amazingly, we have held over 45 sessions of Pilates, over 90 sessions of Balance and over 90 sessions of Yoga in Action. We also added Massage therapy in the clinic on an as needed basis.
We are here to serve you and the Helotes community. If you have special needs that are not being met, please contact us anytime. We realize times are challenging. We are here for you.
We continue all classes this week. However we will not be offering classes next week 12/21-12/31. We will begin all classes again Monday, January 4, 2021.
To keep active during the last two weeks of the year we have posted our Balance in Action and Pilates classes at the links below.
Here are the links:
Balance in Action
is a class for people who want to improve their balance, flexibility and strength. A virtual Zoom meeting was recorded in March 2020. Please be safe and go at your own pace. Holding a stable surface near you for the more difficult activities is recommended.
Balance in Action: Click here
Yoga in Action:
is a multilevel yoga session for your relaxation, flexibility, strength and balance. A virtual Zoom meeting was recorded in xx 2020. You will need a floor mat, block, chair or stable surface nearby.
**[Click here to download session] or cut and past the following link into your web browser.
Pilates in Action
is a beginners floor pilates class for people who want to improve their core strength and flexibility. A virtual Zoom meeting was recorded in April 2020. You will need a floor mat or blanket on the floor, as well as a pillow and/or ball and t-band.
Pilates in Action: Click here
Stay active. Be safe.
Best health always, Ann
P.S. Classes will resume January 4th.