Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! The New Year “2020” is almost here.

Do you need a tune up? It’s not too late for AHNew start today.

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Why do we wait until the New Year to begin a physical activity program?

What if we prioritize our health and wellness as we do when we brush our teeth daily? Or as if we take a bath or shower daily? Or as if we eat three meals a day?

When our health and wellness is a priority, then we can engage in physical activity with less pain and dizziness.

Physical activity includes: our heart health, muscle and bone health.

But why do we neglect our bodies? We only have one body. Here are a few tips to integrate physical activity into your daily routine during the holiday and after:

  1. Walk daily. Park a little further away from the store. Find a walking buddy to keep you accountable. Walk a mall. Walk around the perimetry of the local stores and then do your shopping. 
  2. Perform sit to stands while watching the “news” or during commercials. A great way to strengthen  your hip and knee muscles.
  3. Practice balance daily while standing near a countertop (hold for safety) in your kitchen baking or while preparing for the day in your bathroom.

AHNew Physical Therapy is NOW offering a 21-day challenge! Move everyday for 21-days out of 30 days in the month of January 2020, and receive a special prize.

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