Exercise and Nutrition

Exercise and Nutrition are important part of health and wellness. We all need to pay attention to the nutrients that we take into bodies. Here are five tips for you and your family to have good balanced nutrition and fitness.

1) Protein – e.g. Poultry, Seafood, Eggs, Nuts & Seeds, Beans & Peas (about 5 ounce equivalents a day)

2) Grains – whole grains are better than processed grains; e.g. bread, rice, oatmeal, popcorn; eat carbohydrates in moderation – 3 ounce equivalent servings a day

3) Fruits – e.g. berries, melon, juices; eat or drink 2 cups per day

4) Veggies – e.g. dark green veggies, beans, peas, red and orange veggies e.g. green leafy veggies – broccoli, spinach, peas, orange, apples, bananas (2-3 cups a day ~ half of your plate)

5) Dairy – e.g. milk, yogurt, cheese, soy (3 cups a day)


Fluid intake especially in summer
Replenish fluids frequently as the temperatures rise and as your activity increases. Daily activity and exercise rounds out your nutrition program ~ keep moving and every step counts ~ activity is cumulative throughout your day.

Energy in/Energy out
A balance of energy intake (calories) and energy output (physical activity and exercise) is the desired outcome for health and wellness. Our bodies are well tuned machines that work automatically…when given the right tools.

For example: a 150-pound person requires 1500 calories a day. If you take a 30-minute walk, that is 100 calories expended. To maintain your weight, you can eat 1600 calories. (1600 calorie intake – 100 calories expended = 1500 calorie net).

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